Personalized Learning and Student
Support, Automated.

Empowering Teachers, Engaging Students: Tailored Support for Every Classroom.

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Class Wizard transforms curriculums and lectures into a 24/7 conversational experience, providing personalized support for students and empowering tutors to spend more time on impactful teaching and mentoring

24/7 personalized learning support for students

Personalized Student Interface

Each student has access to a unique conversation window with a course-specific history of their Q&A and exercises.


Real-time Q&A Support

Students can ask any course related question and receive instant, detailed answers based strictly on lecture content, ensuring accuracy.


Quizzes and Exercises

Each student can generate unique quizzes or exercises for the entire course or specific lectures, tailored to their needs.


Multilingual Support

Students can interact with Class Wizard in their preferred language (English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, etc…)


Fully integrated teacher assistant

Content Generation

Teachers can generate FAQs, quizzes, landing pages, course summaries, and marketing content to engage students.


Instant Teacher Inputs

You stay in the loop. When students ask questions beyond the curriculum, the system learns from teachers' inputs.


LMS Integration

Seamlessly integrates with major Learning Management Systems like Canvas LMS.


Teacher Dashboard

Gain insights on student questions and interactions so you can identify areas of your courses to improve.


Why Class Wizard?

Class Wizard provides a toolbox for online coaches, teachers, professors, and institutions to automate and streamline student interactions.

For Online Coaches

Automate 80 to 90% of Q&A and easily create engaging content for student support and marketing.

For Teachers

Boost student engagement by tailoring content and activities to individual learning styles.

For Professors

Efficiently handle hybrid and large classes, ensuring personalized learning experiences.

For Institutions

Easily integrate with existing Learning Management Systems to better manage and track educational outcomes.

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